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Stuck Pregnanciez

Is your mother petz late for her birth? (average birth in 2 to 3 days) Maybe she's, in what we call, a stuck pregnancy. A stuck pregnancy is when your mother petz will not have her child and she is growing obese every day she doesn't have the child. Well, if you want to fix this, folow these easy step by step instructions!

1. Open your Petz 3 program, and put all your petz away into the petz door.

2. Change the date by 'right clicking' on the computer's clock (near the bottum left hand corner most likely)

3. Change the date to exactly one or two years ahead of the present time on your clock.

4. Now open Petz 3 and take out the mother with the stuck pregnancy adn viola! She should have her child : )

5. Now, RIGHT after the baby is born, you MUST put the clock back to what it was before you changed it. If you don't, it might mes up other programs and pregnancies.

*note: Sometimes this doesn't work, but it is the best solution that we have come up with so far, if you have any problems please don't complain to us. Also, if you have another solution, be sure to email us and we'll post it, giving you full credit.