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**~ Welcome to the Silver Moon Petz Cabaret! ~**
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Welcome to Silver Moon Petz Cabaret! If you don't already know, this is a combination of Janei's Petz Cabaret, and Silver Moon Kennelz! We're your hosts and mascots, don't judge us wrong, this is a dogz site too! We have a lot to do here, and there's more coming soon! So check it out and have fun!

We're JB and PJ!

Last Updated:

August 11, 2001
(**Updated at least once every month**)

*Getting a little back on track here once-a-month wise! Hopefully things can stay up-to-date

*Today, I took down a few petz from the adoption center. There are still lots more looking for homes!

*Send in some stuff for me, then I can update some more!

Previous Updates:

July 2, 2001

*Hello everyone! It's been a loooong time! We apologize for not updating during the school year, hopefully now we can get back on track. I know there were some problems with emails. I (Janei) have reactivated my acount, so I can be reached there. I can't say the same for Nora, so in the mean time email me with all the stuff :o) There will be more updates as you guys send me stuff! :o)

*Lucy and Paco have been adopted, but there are still lots of petz looking for homes in the adoption center! November 6th:

*YES WE ARE ALIVE! Soooo sorry about missing the September and October updates! I was very busy with a show and Nora has had lots to do as well. We will get back in our "at least once a month" mode now! Many apologies to all of you!

*There are a GAZILLION new petz in the adoption center! It's very full in there, so please -- take a look! (note: Gazillion = 14 new petz plus 8 older ones.)

*There is also a new catz couple on the Petz Family page!

*There is a new love-tip on the Tipz n' Trickz page!

*There is a new "Christmas Magic" idea on the Petz Fun Center page!

*Please no more show entries -- we are going to judge the show soon!

*Hopefully there will be some more updates (show results, little stuff etc) in the vicinity of this week. I have off tomorrow, so I should be able to get some more stuff done. Once again, we apologize for the delays. Thanks so much for your patience!

August 20, 2000

*Some petz in the adoption center have been adopted

*A new fun idea on the Petz Fun Page

*Coming Soon: A new chicken soup story, more petz for the adoption center, and the results of the show...

July 30, 2000

*There are tonz of new petz in the adoption center!

*Two new tipz on the Tipz n Trickz Page!

*Two new fun idea's on the Petz Fun Page

July 16th, 2000

*BIG NEWS - Alright, JB is going to RETIRE at the end of this summer! That's right, she's going to retire and pass down her fame to her daughter Christmas.
MORE BIG NEWS - There will be very intresting changes over the summer (possibly done by the end of this month!) So keep your eyes peeled (I'm awaiting for Janei to email me back with a reply)

*Also updated: A new Eclipse order

June 27, 2000

*Petz Family Page updated

*Adoption Page updated

*More petz will be posted soon

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1999-2000 Janei & Nora, none of these things (pictures, html, breedz, ect. ect.) may be taken (and changed) or forged (and changed) without our prior permission